Nov 15, 2012

Journey into the tea country

We took a train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya, the central city of the tea growing region. Surprisingly, the train was brand new and almost empty. Later I learned that the other trains look much different from this one and are usually packed with people. 

Second class.

I enjoyed the passing landscapes as the train was slowly gaining altitude.

At first there was jungle all around.

And cows wandering around the railroad.

Then as the train continued climbing, it got cooler, cloudier and the scenes started changing.

Suddenly, we were back in Europe and passing through a pine forest in the Swiss Alps!

The views were amazing.

At one point we were almost going through the clouds.

And then the tea started.

Tea all around us.

More tea.

I took so many pictures, my battery camera battery ran out. Otherwise you’d be forced to see even more tea trees!

The train road from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya was a real gem. Three and a half hours of unforgettable scenes. Good thing it’s not yet a Unesco heritage site or something, otherwise they wouldn’t sell the tickets for just 1 euro!

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